5 Signs that You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services in Utah

5 Signs That You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services In Utah

Have you ever noticed that the air inside your home feels stuffy? Or perhaps you’ve caught yourself sneezing more often than before. If so, it may be time to call our air duct cleaning experts in Utah.

The buildup of dust and pollutants causes allergy symptoms. Moreover, they can also contribute to other illnesses like asthma or even lung cancer in the worst cases. Under normal circumstances, professional air duct cleaning is necessary just once every 1-3 years. So how do you know if your vents need a good scrubbing? Here are five signs that you should hire experts for an air duct cleaning service in Utah.

1. An overwhelming whiff of mold or mildew

Do you find your house smelling dank, like old socks and musty earth? That is a surefire sign that mildew and mold have infiltrated your air ducts and household ventilation system (HVS). These tiny spores release toxins into the air that can make you sick. The best way to prevent this is to remove excessive moisture inside the HVS.

2. Health problems such as coughing or sneezing fits

Constant health problems such as respiratory infections, asthma attacks, or even chronic coughing and sneezing fits could be a sign of unhealthy matter being circulated through your HVS. If you have tried unsuccessfully to treat these symptoms at home with over-the-counter medications and don’t notice an improvement in your quality of life, contact a professional air duct cleaning service right away. The root cause may be hard to detect without proper HVAC maintenance training.

3. A strong scent of dust or pet dander

If there’s a strong dust odor coming from your vents, there are two likely culprits. First, something is making its way into your ventilation system from the outside (ex. pollen). Secondly, there might be a layer of accumulated grime inside.

Air ducts quickly accumulate bacteria, air pollutants, dust, and other hazardous particles which stick to the HVS. When the system is not cleaned regularly, these contaminants circulate throughout your house, contaminating the air you breathe.

4. It’s time for a routine maintenance service

If it has been more than two years since you last had your air ducts serviced, then go ahead and book an air duct cleaning service in Utah to keep excess debris out of your HVS. Be sure to follow up with professional maintenance services at least once every two years.

If there are compromised parts in your ventilation system, they will be visible during this regular maintenance check-up. Don’t risk letting these problems escalate into something much worse! Be proactive and contact an HVAC air duct cleaning service in Utah for an inspection right away.

5. The air ducts in your home are visibly dirty

Look for visible signs of dust buildup, grime, and mold on the mesh components of the HVS. Book a professional air duct cleaning service in Utah to ensure you and your loved ones don’t suffer from the health effects of a contaminated ventilation system.

Air Duct Cleaning Service in Utah

The air inside our homes should be just as clean and fresh as the air we breathe outside. Unfortunately, many things affect air quality in our living spaces. These may include pets or pests that can damage HVS components and cause dangerous bacteria to accumulate over time. 

For this reason, you should always stay proactive and book an air duct cleaning service in Utah at least once every two years. This will ensure that yours is free from any pollutant or intruder. For all your air duct cleaning needs, just schedule a service with Signature Carpet Care or visit one of our offices in Utah.

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